It's never just a period. It's so much more.

Why do we still have more questions than
answer about our periods? We deserve protection that understands the reality of
periods. Our period pants understand comfort and offer protection for up to 12

What do you wish you'd been told?

3,000 years of homo sapiens and girls STILL see blood in their pants and think they're dying?

No-one gives us answers, so we spend a life time asking questions.

Like, how do I put a tampon up there?

Why does my discharge smell like wet dog?

Where's my period? I stopped the pill 8 months ago?

What we're told vs. How it actually is.

We conducted an in-depth empathetic global survey to actually understand what women+ go through. The knowledge gap is staggering.

59% of women+wish they'd been taught more about periods and cycles throughout life.

51% of women+ only learned about periods when they started theirs.

Over 1 in 3 women+ feel misinformed about how a womans body and how their periods actually work.

There's a huge gap between what we're taught to expect and how it actually is. So we spend our time navigating life with a womb, without the proper knowledge. It's like watching a foreign language without subtitles. Confusing and disorientating and strange. Why did nobody warn us? And wouldn't it have been much easier if they had?