Period pants guide: everything you need to know about period pants

Period pants guide: everything you need to know about period pants

Everybody’s talking about period pants – but are they for you? It’s natural to be filled with questions... from the how’s to the why’s, and if period underwear is affordable, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get started!

With so many period product options out there, it can be hard to find what really works for you and your flows. Sometimes it takes some trial and error, and other times, it’s just a matter of diving deeper into what they are and what they do. So, where do you begin?

In this guide, we’ll be talking all about reusable period pants. If you’ve been hesitant to try them or are debating if period pants are an affordable option – fret not! We’ve got the answers to everything you’ve been wondering about period underwear.

So, what are period pants?

A sustainable alternative to disposable period products, period pants are washable – so you can reuse them again and again! They can last for at least 50 washes (keeping the same level of protection), so a pair can go a long way!

With their different styles and snug fit, they look and feel just like your normal underwear, except they absorb whatever flows your body throws at them — from menstrual flow to daily vaginal discharge and everything in between.

intimawear by Bodyform® period pants are designed with TRITECH Performance which consists of 3 layers in the gusset (that’s the bottom of the underwear that goes between your legs and rests against your vulva). They can manage all types of fluids – from menstrual blood, vaginal discharge, sweat, and after-sex fluids – our pants have got you covered! Some of them are even designed to deal with trickles of pee, like our Multifluid pants.

So, all you need to do is put them on and go about your daily activities fearlessly, knowing they’ll protect you for up to 12 hours!

intimawear by Bodyform® TRITECH Performance

 A soft top layer that moves fluids and moisture quickly inside the second layer  

 A true dry barrier layer which offers breathable protection

A superior absorbency layer that holds your flow, keeping you feeling fresh all day or night  

Are period pants hygienic and safe?

Period pants are completely hygienic and absorb fluids like a single-use pad, liner or tampon would. However, you can safely keep period underwear on for much longer than conventional menstrual products (up to 12 hours!).

Also, the fabric in our intimawear by Bodyform® period pants is treated with anti-microbial components and is OEKO-TEX® certified to ensure its hygienic and safe for your intimate skin.  


Do period pants smell?

While it’s completely natural for your menstrual blood to have a slight metallic smell caused by the iron in it, it’s normally not noticeable to others — so try not to worry. Rest assured that you’re most likely the only person who can smell this, and no one else will even know that you’re on your period.

But just to give you extra peace of mind, the absorbent layer within our intimawear by Bodyform® period pants is treated with an antimicrobial odour control system that helps neutralise odour for up to 12 hours, even when you’re working up a sweat. So there’s no need to worry about any whiffs — we’ve designed our period underwear to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable at all times.

How absorbent is period underwear?

intimawear by Bodyform® period pants come in a range of different styles and absorbencies, so it depends on which ones you pick.

Light absorbency period underwear is suitable for days when you’re dealing with a lighter flow – this includes discharge, sweat or spotting. While on the other hand, some period pants are made especially for heavy flow, and can handle even the thickest, heaviest menstrual flow, clots and all. A pair of these period pants are the right ones for you if you’re usually changing your pad or tampon up to 6 times per day or even getting up to change during the night – yup, you can sleep in your period underwear too!

So, if you’re trying to work out what pair of period pants are right for you, it really depends on your flow and what level of absorbency you are looking for.

Understanding flow levels

Light flow

Moderate flow

Heavy flow

Barely-there menstrual bleeding or spotting. This could also apply to discharge or sweat.

Steady menstrual flow with occasional gushes. You might even notice some blood clots.

Highs and lows of abundant flow with some gushes. You might notice some large blood clots as well.


Are period pants affordable?

It’s understandable to be a little hesitant to buy a pair of period pants because of their upfront cost. It can seem a lot if you’re used to just picking up a pack of period pads from the shop! But did you know, intimawear by Bodyform® period pants can be washed and reused for at least 2 years before you have to change them? This means a lot of savings in the long run, not only in money but also in the time and effort it takes you go and stock up on period products every month.

Not to mention you could also be saving a lot of waste going to landfill by just opting to use a pair of period pants — around 200,000 tonnes of waste are produced per year by single-use period products! [1]

In a nutshell, although the initial cost may have you sleeping on the decision, the long-term cost of period pants can be more affordable, making them worth it for you and the planet.

How many pairs of period pants do I need to buy?

Some women+ wear period pants every single day to capture not only their menstrual blood, but also other flows throughout their entire cycle, but that is not necessarily affordable or practical for all.

It is very common to start with just one pair to see if you like how they work with your flows and your body. Then, you may want to add two, four, or more pairs of period pants of different absorbencies and in a range of styles to match your mood, wardrobe, and flows, so you have your full menstrual cycle covered.

Some of us might like to just buy heavy flow period pants for ultimate comfort on those heavy blood flow days. Others might prefer to have ones for light flows to wear while we’re waiting for our period to start as well as for discharge and spotting.

There’s period underwear for every need, so it’s completely up to you!

You can always buy more pairs of period underwear if necessary, so you don’t have to do laundry as often. To make sure your period pants last for longer, just remember to avoid using fabric softener. You only need to give them a quick rinse under the cold tap before popping them into the washing machine and you’re good to go!

Why make the switch to period underwear?


Tonnes of waste produced per year by single-use sanitary products. [2]

Up to 15,000

Pads and tampons (plus their wrappers and applicators) used over one lifetime that can end up in landfills and oceans. [3]


Cost of traditional sanitary products over a lifetime. . [4]


How often do I need to change period pants?

intimawear by Bodyform® period pants are made to be worn for up to 12 hours so you can use them confidently throughout the day and overnight. Simply pop on a pair of pants in the morning before you start your day and change to a fresh one before going to bed.

Some people may feel more comfortable changing more often than that, though, so remember there’s no exact rule on how often to change your period pants. Just see how you feel when you have them on and go with your flow.

How do I change period pants if I’m away from home?

If you’re working away from home, are camping at a music festival, or if you’re just out and about for long periods of time – you might be wondering what should you do if you need to change your period pants?

Easy: load a waterproof pouch – the size of your makeup bag or a pencil case – with a clean pair of period pants before heading out. You can then carry it into the bathroom when changing. That way you can pop the fresh pair on in the toilet and gently roll the used pair of period underwear and save it in the bag until getting back home to your washing machine.

How do you wash period pants?

Good news – washing and caring for period pants is as easy as 1,2,3! We have an easy step-by-step guide on how to wash and care for your period pants:

  1. First things first, rinse. After every use, just rinse your period pants under cold water and gently squeeze. If you like, you can use your hands to rub the gusset (that’s the bottom of the underwear that goes between your legs and rests against your vulva) to make sure it’s clean.

  2. Next, you can hand wash them if you prefer, or just throw them in the washing machine. You can pop them in your usual load with detergent at 40°C. Make sure to avoid fabric softener or bleach, as these can have a negative effect on how well your period pants work.

  3. Finally, leave them to dry! Your period pants might take a little longer than your other clothes to dry because of the 3 TRITECH Performance layers within the gusset.

And there you have it – a fresh pair of period pants, ready to go whenever you need them next.

So, I can wear period underwear throughout the day – but what about night-time?

Getting a good night’s sleep can make a huge difference to our mood during our period. That’s why having the right protection in place is so important: to prevent restless nights worrying about stains or having to wake up multiple times during the night to change your period product. And with intimawear by Bodyform® period pants, you get protection for up to 12 hours, which means you can snooze off without worry.

Just remember to choose the right level of absorbency for your flow, pop a fresh pair on before heading to bed, and you’re good to go! Happy dreaming.

Can I wear period pants when I exercise?

Period pants are a brilliant addition to your gym bag! Made to feel just like your normal pants – no slippage, no rubbing, no chafing – they are super comfortable, soft to the touch, and highly adaptable to your body no matter your lifestyle.

To exercise in period pants, all you need to think about is matching the absorbency level of your period pants to your flow type and exercise intensity. For example, if you have a heavy flow and decide to go for a run, our heavy flow period underwear will go the extra mile to keep you dry and protected. If you’re experiencing lighter flows and are planning to do gentle exercises, our light flow period underwear is great for pairing it up with your favourite gym wear.

Are period pants for me?

Change can be quite daunting, especially if you’ve stuck to pads, liners, or tampons all your life. But it can also be a good thing! Available in various sizes, styles, and absorbency levels, there’s period pants for everyone. And not only are they super comfortable to wear, but they’re also a great sustainable alternative to manage your flows.

Keep in mind that you can take change one step at a time. If you are worried that your flow might be too mighty for period pants, you can always try pairing them with a menstrual cup or tampon for double protection until you feel ready. Or you could test period underwear out on a light flow day as a practice run. Once you feel more confident, you can try wearing period pants on their own. There’s no right or wrong way — it’s all about listening to your body and doing what’s right for you.

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