Buying period pants for teenagers

Buying period pants for teenagers

Wondering about the best period products for teenagers? Here’s the lowdown on reusable period pants with tween and teen daughters in mind.

Whether it’s for your daughter, a teenager in your family or a young person that has come to you asking for help with periods, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what to recommend, or even how to start the conversation! But talking about period products like period pants doesn’t have to feel daunting.

Let’s go through step by step so you’re ready to help with buying period pants for the teenager you know and answer any questions they may throw at you!

Why are period pants a great option for teens and tweens?

When it comes to choosing a period product, it’s important to pick one that makes you feel confident and comfortable while you’re using it. Teenagers who are new to having periods can benefit from a little guidance from someone they trust so that they can find the right product.

Period pants are a brilliant option for teenagers for a few reasons. Let’s explore them.

Easy to use

With period pants, there are no worries of learning how to use them. It’s easy for any teen to get the hang of – it’s just like putting on a regular pair of underwear. They’re perfect for beginners, especially if they are apprehensive of inserting methods like tampons or menstrual cups.

For the eco-conscious

Teens who are interested in being kinder to the planet and living more sustainably may be keen to try reusable options like period pants. Intimawear by BodyformTM are washable and reusable, which means less waste compared to using disposable period products. Our Hipster pants for heavy flow are even made from recycled fabric! Better for the planet, and for their period.

Nice and discreet

For teens who are still working out how to navigate the world of having a menstrual cycle, often the last thing they want is to draw attention to the fact they’re on their period. Period pants look and feel just like regular underwear, so nobody will be able to tell anything different. No gym changing room anxiety or period embarrassment needed!

Not just for day time

There are so many uses for period pants – to feel secure when exercising on your period, and on any day during your cycle to deal with all types of flow. They can even be worn while sleeping for comfortable protection throughout the night (for up to 12 hours). Learn more about all the times you can use period pants.

Flexible and low maintenance

Period pants mean peace of mind for both you and your teen. They’re low maintenance – they pop them on in the morning and don’t need to worry all day! Especially for teens who might have irregular cycles, wearing period underwear means you know it can handle whatever flow you throw at it, from discharge to period blood. And the best bit? No forgetting spare products, and no bathroom trips during class to change or adjust their pad.

How to talk to a teenager about period pants

If your teenager hasn’t started their period yet, it can be a good idea to get ahead and tackle the conversation early to ease any anxieties they might have about starting. Once they understand more about what happens during a menstrual cycle, it might help them feel even more prepared to stock up with product options so that they’re ready when the time comes.

It’s important that teens feel confident to manage their own period care and feel good about their choices.  If they’re still new to having periods, checking in to see how they’re finding it is always a good idea. Ask them about the kinds of protection they feel comfortable with. They might be aware of more traditional period products (like pads and tampons), but know little about reusable alternatives. Arm them with all the info they need to help them feel good about making a decision.

How to find the best period pant fit for your teenager

It’s important to buy the right size of period pants to make sure they work properly! A well-fitting pair will lock in all fluids so you can go about your day living fearlessly. To find out what size and absorbency is best for your teen, our article on what pair of period underwear is right for me and my flow should help. Intimawear by BodyformTM is available in sizes XXS - 3XL, so you’re sure to find the right fit. 

Teaching your teenager to wear period pants

Once you’ve purchased period underwear for your teen, you can still give some support as they get used to wearing them! Make sure they know about how period pants work, how to match their period pants to their flow, and how long they can wear them for. Come up with a plan for washing used period pants together, to ensure they can be reused for many of your teen’s cycles to come. 

For teens on the go, whatever their flow

It’s as easy as that! Period pants can help teens feel confident and fearless while they navigate everything that comes with puberty and starting their period. If you have more questions about period pants, find answers on our FAQ page, or explore our range of period pants. 

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