What pair of period pants is right for me and my flow?

What pair of period pants is right for me and my flow?

If you’re wondering how to pick the best pair of period pants for a heavy flow, what size to buy or even what absorbency means, look no further!

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what pair of period pants to buy. You might be looking for a pair of period underwear for heavy flow, or to wear on the lightest days of your period. So what absorbency should you pick and in what size?

Let’s learn more about flow and absorbency so you can find the right period pants for you and your flow. 

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Defining your flow

First things first, it’s important to understand your flow. This refers to any fluid that leaves your body by flowing out of your vagina. When you’re on your period, your flow contains blood (sometimes appearing as clots), vaginal fluid as well as cells and fluid from the lining of your uterus. [1] At other times during your menstrual cycle, you may experience different thicknesses and textures of discharge, spotting, sweating, and sexual fluids too.

It’s normal for your flow to vary from day to day. Read on to find out more. 

Heavy flow period pants

A heavy period is your thickest flow, clots and all. You might experience highs and lows of abundant flow, with some gushes (like when you suddenly stand up after sitting down for a while, or sneeze). During these times, you might find yourself changing your pad more than usual, up to 6 times a day.

Remember, some people experience multiple days of heavy bleeding during their period, while others may not experience this at all!

For the heaviest days of your period, try intimawear by Bodyform® Hipster, made especially to deal with those abundant gushy flows while remaining dry and breathable. It’s designed to absorb your flow in a blink, and hold it securely for up to 12 hours (even on your heaviest days).

They include a soft top layer that quickly takes the fluid away from your skin, a moisture wicking layer that distributes the fluid into the absorbent layer, two absorbency layers to hold your liquid securely in – one functions as an additional safety layer - and a breathable barrier layer which stops the fluid leaking through. 

Moderate flow period pants

Moderate is your regular steady mid-period flow, with a few clots and occasional gushes. While experiencing a moderate flow, you might change your pad every 4 hours or so, or up to 3 times per day.

For moderate flows, there are several period pant options to choose from: Bikini and Hipster. Whether you prefer a clean-and-simple Bikini style, or a lace-trimmed Hipster that sits below your waist – both keep everything locked in for up to 12 hours so you can live fearlessly while on your period. 

Light flow period pants

So, what counts as light? Think about the stoppy-starty flow you might experience around the beginning or end of your period, and spontaneous spotting. A few drops here and there and no gushes. The times when you change your pad only once a day, or could make do with just a liner.

But light flow doesn’t just apply to being on your period! It can also happen during the rest of your cycle, when you experience spotting or discharge.

When you’re anticipating your period starting, or when it’s light and trailing off at the end, our intimawear by Bodyform®  Brazilian period pant is a comfortable option that feels just like your regular underwear, but with the added absorption power to deal with light blood, discharge, sweat, spotting and other light flows while leaving you with a dry, breathable feeling. 

What size period pants should I get?

intimawear by Bodyform® are available in sizes 2XS to 3XL, so you’re sure to find the right fit! The best way to find out the size for you is to measure your hips and use our size guide to match up the correct option. Our period pants are stretchy, so they can adapt to your shape and sit comfortably on your body.

When trying them on, remember that intimawear by Bodyform® are meant to fit slightly snugger than your normal underwear, so they are secure and keep everything locked in.

If you aren’t happy with the size you ordered or how your pair matches up to your flow and you’re a first-time purchaser, then our returns policy means you can exchange them or get a refund within 60 days of your first purchase. 

Plus size period pants

We have recently increased our sizes to go up to 3XL across our entire range, so even more people can find a pair of period pants that works for their body and feel secure all day long. 

Should you use period pants with another product?

Period pants are designed to be the only form of period protection you need. Simply pop them on and they’ll take care of your flow. While you don’t need to wear them with another type of period product like a tampon, menstrual cup, or period pad, you could try them this way the first few times if you’re a little nervous! It might also help to learn more about how period pants work, to put your mind at ease. 

I’m still unsure which pair to buy! How do I decide?

It all depends how you want to use them! There are so many uses of period pants that you might not have thought of, such as when you’re exercising or at night-time! Perhaps you want a pair to wear when your period is heavy, so you don’t have to bother with changing your product throughout the day. Or maybe you would prefer to wear them on lighter days when you don’t know what flow will come your way.

If you’re unsure about your flow and are stuck between two, it’s best to go up an absorbency level so you can be sure you’ll feel protected and feel confident throughout your day. Remember that you can always buy a few different pairs with different absorbency levels so you can match your underwear to where you’re at in your cycle! (You can get 20% off when buying 3+ pairs, so you’ll save money too.)

If you want to learn more about period pants, find how to wash your intimawear Bodyform®, or explore our full range of period pants.


[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3494145/ 


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