Can period pants be used for discharge or pee?

Can period pants be used for discharge or pee?

We know that period pants are designed to deal with period blood. But what about other types of flow – discharge, pee, sweat and even after-sex fluid? Let’s find out…

Period pants are a great way to manage your period. Whether it’s light , moderate  or heavy , they take in your menstrual flow for up to 12 hours so you can get on with your day without your period getting in the way. And because they’re reusable, having a sustainable period  is as easy as rinse, wash and repeat 

But we all know that it’s not just a few days of blood that we have to contend with. Our bodies are always flowing. We get discharge throughout our whole menstrual cycle  – sometimes it’s sticky or clumpy, it can be thick or thin, white, yellow, brown, and everything in-between. We bleed, we sweat, we flow. Sometimes a few drops of pee escape, or we experience those after-sex drips. But what if your underwear didn’t have to feel wet or uncomfortable, and instead you could just go with your flow feeling prepared for whatever your body throws your way?

Get ready for a new way to take care of your flows, whatever they may be. Our new multifluid pant offers protection to absorb all types of intimate fluids. They’re as comfortable as your regular underwear, so you can pop them on and forget all about it. No need to worry about any fluid that might flow your way.

Let’s look at all of the different fluids you might experience, and how intimawear by Bodyform® Multifluid pants can save the day (and your underwear).

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Just like our whole range of period pants, Multifluid pants can absorb your menstrual flow. Built with Tritech Performance, it consists of 3 layers in the gusset (that’s the bit between your legs that rests against your vulva) that work together to absorb your flow, and keep your skin stay feeling dry no matter what.

    A soft top layer that moves fluid and moisture quickly inside the second layer


        A true dry barrier layer which offers breathable protection


          A superior absorbency layer that holds your flow, keeping you feeling fresh all day  

           But blood isn’t the only thing you have to deal with, so what about other types of flow?

          Delightful discharge

          Getting vaginal discharge  is completely normal. Depending on the different hormonal phases of your menstrual flow, your discharge could be white, clear, yellow, or watery. Sometimes it’s stringy and slippery like egg whites, while other times it’s clumpy or creamy like moisturiser. While it’s natural to have discharge, it’s not always enjoyable to feel the wetness of it in your underwear.

          For those times when you might perhaps have used a liner or else ended up feeling sticky and uncomfortable in your regular underwear, using our Multifluid pants mean you feel as dry after 12 hours of wear as you did from the first minute you put them on.

          Protect from drops of pee

          Have you ever experienced a few drops of pee escaping when you least expect it – maybe just after jumping around at an exercise class, sneezing or laughing a little too hard with your friends? As many as 4 in 10 women experience incontinence during pregnancy , [1] but it also affects many of us after giving birth  and when we stop having period after the menopause .

          The first thing to know is that if you start experiencing a few drops of pee here and there, it’s best to have a chat with your doctor, who will be able to help. In the meantime, to stop it holding you back, period pants can help during postpartum and perimenopause . Using something that’s made specially to take care of pee like our Multifluid pants can help bring back your confidence, despite any drips.

          Don’t sweat the sweat

          In all of the parts of your V-Zone  (that’s your vagina, vulva and the V-shaped front of your body that you can see) that naturally grow pubic hair , there are also glands that produce sweat. Your vulva is no different from your armpit – if you’re hot or doing some intense exercise, it’s natural that you get a little sweaty.

          That being said, feeling damp and worrying about your V-Zone being a bit whiffy isn’t pleasant, but there are a few things that can help. You could try taking regular showers to get rid of any sweat, particularly after exercising on your period, or wearing a pair of period pants. Our Multifluid pants absorb sweat in a flash and are odour resistant for up to 12 hours, so there’s no need to worry about any post-workout smells or dampness.

          No more after-sex fluids

          Arousal fluid, lube, ejaculate, saliva… there are lots of lovely liquids that are a completely normal part of having sex. And while fluids can be fun (and prevent friction), feeling sticky afterwards is not. To avoid dealing with this altogether, putting on a pair of Multifluid pants can effectively absorb any (and all) after-sex fluids.  

          On every day of our menstrual cycle, we go through a lot – pain, pleasure, and almost every fluid you can think of! Whatever you’re dealing with, our new Multifluid pant  can help you go with the flow, giving you unrestricted freedom and V-Zone confidence.

          If you’d like to learn more, find out how you can take care of your period underwear  and how you can use them for postpartum and perimenopause . Or why not explore our full range of intimawear by Bodyform®  ?


          [1] Sangsawang, B., & Sangsawang, N. (2013). Stress Urinary Incontinence in Pregnant Women: A Review of Prevalence, Pathophysiology, and Treatment. International Urogynecology Journal; 24(6): 901–912.

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