How to wash period underwear

How to wash period underwear

Go with your flow – how can you take care of your intimawear by Bodyform®  so that you can use it again and again?

Our period pants, intimawear by Bodyform®, do so much more than regular underwear when it comes to period protection. It gives you maximum protection for everything from discharge and period blood to sweat, after-sex fluids, and any other little oops moments.

Whether you have a designated laundry day or you wait until the "do I have any clean underwear" panic sets in (we've all been there), here's how to easily wash and look after your period pants so they last for many cycles to come.

Guide to washing period underwear

The good news is that washing period pants doesn't take much more effort than washing ordinary underwear in your laundry basket. There's no need for fancy products or expensive dry cleaning.

Follow this step-by-step guide for the best way to take care of your period underwear to ensure your intimawear by Bodyform® comes out from the wash perfectly clean and ready to be used again.


1. First things first, rinse

After every use, simply give your period pants a quick rinse under cold water and gently squeeze.

Using cold water or cool water that is below body temperature is a must, as using hot water will set the fluids into the fabric and be tougher to remove.

You can even use your hands to gently rub the gusset (that's the bottom of the underwear that goes between your legs and rests against your vulva) to make sure it's clean. Wring out the pants a few times during rinsing to make sure all of the period blood has been rinsed away.

2. Next, hand-wash or throw them in the washing machine

Next, you can hand wash them if you prefer or just throw them in the washing machine. You can pop them in your usual load with laundry detergent at 40°C on a mild cycle. Make sure to avoid fabric softener/fabric conditioner or bleach, as these can have a negative effect on how well your period underwear works.

It might be a good idea to use a period pants wash bag (a small mesh laundry bag designed to go in the washing machine) when washing your period underwear in the machine. This prevents them from catching on other items during the cycle, keeping them in the best condition during every wash.

If you choose to hand wash your period pants, you can hand-wash with your delicates using warm water and soap or with your regular underwear and clothes (so you don't need to do multiple loads if you don't want to).

Finally, leave them to dry

To air dry your period pants, wring out any excess water, then hang them out on a washing line, a clothes airer – whatever you fancy! Just make sure any air-drying method you choose is away from direct sunlight or direct heat, such as a radiator.

intimawear by Bodyform® may take a bit longer to dry than your usual underwear. This is because of the TriTech Performance Layers within the gusset that are designed to hold all of your fluids throughout the day.

Top tip: If you're in a rush when air drying your period pants, try turning them inside out. This means that the outer layer that is designed to absorb the most liquid can dry faster, as it will have more exposure to the air during the drying process.

Can you tumble-dry period pants?

Tumble-drying, dry cleaning and ironing your period pants is not recommended, as excessive heat can cause damage to the fabric integrity and the absorbent layers.

And there you have it – a fresh pair of period pants, ready to go whenever you need them next.

Will washing period underwear really get rid of blood and discharge?

As long as you're following the machine or hand washing recommendations, the hot soapy water will easily wash away whatever type of flow your V-Zone (your V-Zone refers to everything to do with your vagina, vulva and the V-shaped front of your body that you can see) throws at your intimawear by Bodyform® .

How long do pairs of period underwear last?

With the proper care, each pair of intimawear by Bodyform® is guaranteed to last for 50+ washes (25+ washes for our Sleepwear and Premium Comfort ranges) without losing any absorbency power. And because they’re reusable, 1 pair of intimawear by Bodyform® replaces 100 pads*, which is great for waste reduction!

Wear, bleed, wash and repeat

There's no need to dread laundry day when washing your period underwear is as easy as rinse, wash and dry. Just follow these simple care instructions to guarantee that every pair of intimawear by Bodyform® comes out fresh and ready to use again and again, no matter your flow.

Want to learn more about all things period pants? Why not read all about how period underwear works, or discover how intimawear by Bodyform® has been designed with you in mind for maximum comfort and protection. 

* Compared to the use of 100 single-use period products together with normal underwear washed 50 times. For further information, see 

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