Pregnancy and postpartum underwear

When we say period pants can deal with any flow, we mean it. Whether it’s the lochia-loaded flow of postpartum or slight spotting during pregnancy, intimawear by Bodyform™ is up to the task. Trust that our TriTech Performance will deal with anything your flow throws at you without compromising on comfort during these transitional stages. Our Premium Comfort period pants feel just like your regular underwear, with all the absorption power you need to live fearlessly while you focus on your little bundle of joy.

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    9 products

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    Absolutely! You can trust intimawear by Bodyform™ reusable postpartum underwear to keep you protected through your postpartum journey. If you’re experiencing large clots and a heavy flow of discharge (lochia), opt for our heavy flow period pants to keep everything locked in place for as long as you need.

    As long as you choose the right absorbency level according to your flow, you can wear the same postpartum and maternity underwear all day!  

    Here’s a quick guide to help you out: 

    Light flow: 1 pad/tampon change 

    Moderate flow: up to 2/3 pad/tampon changes 

    Heavy flow: up to 6 pad/tampon changes 

    Spotting and discharge during pregnancy can be difficult to predict and may change as you go through your journey. But don’t panic! Why not go for a mix of absorbencies to keep yourself prepared? We’ve even thrown in a discount when you purchase multiple pairs of pants.  

    Yes, even if you’re bleeding more heavily than you’re used to during postpartum, our heavy-flow period pants will keep you comfortable and protected.Changes to your cycle can be a little bit daunting, so trust that our TriTech Performance will keep you protected to help ease your mind.

    Comfort is a big priority when it comes to postpartum care, so how you handle your flow is completely up to you! Our period pants are designed to keep you protected for up to 12 hours, but ifyou’re worried about using period underwear postpartum and want to double up with maternity pads, go for it! Once you’ve got to grips with your postpartum flow or as your discharge lessens, you may feel more at ease using period pants alone.

    During pregnancy, if you’re experiencing increased discharge, you can pair our maternity support underwear with a liner if that’s what makes you feel the most comfortable.

    Caring for your pregnancy and postpartum period pants is a breeze – simply rinse, wash, and repeat. When handled with care and stored properly, our postpartum and perimenopause period pants can last for up to 50 washes. For detailed care instructions, check out our guide on how to wash period pants. Remember, our period pants are here to support you through it all, offering comfort and protection every step of the way.

    Our period pants for pregnancy and postpartum are guaranteed to keep you protected for up to 12 hours, no matter your flow. Whether it’sstoppy-starty or full of clots and discharge, intimawear by Bodyform™ can handle it all while keeping you dry and comfortable too. A reusable alternative, these period pants don’t only work hard for you, but also for the planet too, as a reusable alternative for your flow, just wash, wear & repeat. The pregnancy and postpartum Premium Comfort range also brings a new material from Lenzing Company, a leading supplier of specialty fibers. They are made with TENCELTM x REFIBRA™ lyocell, natural based fibers made from wood pulp derived from sustainable wood sources.