Period underwear size guide

Period underwear size guide

Finding the right size for anything we wear can be difficult at times, but shopping for period pants doesn't have to be. No need to worry about keeping track of which size you need from one store to the next when it comes to our period underwear.

Our period underwear size guide helps you find the correct size of intimawear by Bodyform® for you so that you can feel comfortable and prepared for whatever your flow may bring.

 Which size of period pants do I need?

If you've never used period pants before, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, there are a few ways to work out which size you need, some of which you may already use when shopping for normal underwear.

  • Your hip measurement (this is the method we recommend)
  • Your waist measurement (your natural waistline is the measurement around the middle of your torso - between your rib cage and hips)
  • Go off your normal UK clothing size

How to measure your hip size for period underwear

The hips are the joints on either side of your pelvis, below your waist and above your thighs.

To measure your hip size correctly, all you need to do is measure the circumference (the distance around your hips) at their widest point with a tape measure. To find the widest point, feel for the bones on each side. Using our handy size chart above, find the right size according to that measurement.

How do I know if I have the right fit?

Period pants are designed to have a slightly more snug fit than regular underwear, so any flows stay precisely where they should be all day. So don't worry if they feel a bit tighter than what you're used to. This just means you've found your perfect fit.

Your period underwear should be tight enough to your body to offer complete protection but not so tight that you feel uncomfortable. Your period pants should go unnoticed just like your regular underwear, so if they don't feel quite right, you could always opt for a larger size.

intimawear by Bodyform® offers a range of absorbency levels, from light flow all the way to heavy flow. So, combined with your perfect fit, you'll stay protected and comfortable all day.

How do I find the right size for teen period pants?

Thanks to the wonders of puberty, teenage bodies are constantly changing and no two teens are the same, which means that standard teen sizing isn’t always helpful in working out what size you need. So, our range of period pants for teens uses the same standard sizing as the rest of the intimawear by Bodyform™ range.

This means that finding the perfect size in teen period pants follows the same process – just find your hip measurement, waist measurement, or go off your normal UK clothing size. You can always ask your parent, friend, or someone you trust to help measure you to make sure you buy the right fit.

Stylish and snug for every body type

intimawear by Bodyform® is available in a range of sizes and styles from 2XS to 3XL, so no matter your body type, your comfort is never compromised.

If the sizing isn't quite right for your first pair, fear not; send them back to us for an exchange or a refund within the first 60 days of purchase, with our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.You can read our returns policy for more information.

Now that you know how to find the correct size of period pants for you, you can find out exactly how intimawear by Bodyform keeps you protected and how to use them for any first-timers out there.


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Top tip

We recommend one size larger if you are between sizes.

Product Size Dress Size (UK) Hips (cm) Hips (in)
2XS 4 80-85 32-34
XS 6 86-91 34-36
S 8 92-97 36-38
M 10-12 98-103 38-40
L 14-16 104-10940-42
XL 18-20 110-11542-44
2XL 20 116-12144-46
3XL 22 122-12746-48

How to get the right size

To find the right size, please measure your hip circumference as shown in the picture and choose your size from the table below. We recommend one size larger if you are between sizes.