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How Does Period Underwear Work?

intimawear by Bodyform™ works with your body and your flows, whatever comes your way. They absorb like a towel but with the comfort of your normal underwear – so you can let your body do its thing and let your pants do the rest. They’re reusable too – just pop them in the wash and you’re ready to rewear, again and again.

How Period Underwear Is Designed For You

We’re sold the idea of the perfect 28-day cycle, the neat bleed that starts on day 1 and stops as soon as it’s meant to. But our bodies don’t work like that. Between spotting, bleeding, sweating and dripping discharge of every colour, the way our bodies flow and fluctuate is nothing to feel ashamed of.

How Do I Care For My Period Underwear?

From discharge, periods and sweat to after-sex fluids - whatever your vaginal flow, intimawear by Bodyform™ does so much more than normal underwear. Here’s how to wash and care for your period pants, so they can do their thing, whatever comes their way.


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