Hipster Style Period Pants

You can rely on these super comfy Hipster period pants for protection, from your lightest flows to those heavier period days. These pants sit a few inches below your waistline and give extra coverage on your legs, perfect if you love wearing low rise bottoms and jeans.


    29 products

    29 products


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    These Hipster style period pants offer the same choice of absorbency levels as our
    other styles of period pants - but they sit on your hips and give extra coverage on your legs.

    Whether you're the kind of person who sticks to one style that you feel most comfortable in, or your underwear drawer is overflowing with different styles, colours and patterns, there's sure to be a pair of period pants that fit your vibe - whether that's a Hipster style or something else. If you're unsure about what style to go for, read all about our different styles of period pants.

    Our Hipster style period pants are available in three different absorbency types - light, moderate and heavy. Depending on your flow, you can choose which style and absorbency is the best for you and your body.

    Good news! Washing period pants is not too much more effort than washing your
    regular underwear. Just rinse them with cold water first and then wash as you
    would your regular underwear - we recommend a maximum temperature of 40°C -
    just avoid bleach and fabric softener and hang to dry.

    Luckily, we have a guide on all about caring for your period underwear so you can wear, wash and repeat for more than 50 times.

    Don't worry - our intimawear by Bodyform®period pants look just like your regular underwear, so no one can tell you're wearing anything different. The extra layers of
    absorbent protection are in the gusset (that's the bottom of the pants that
    goes between your legs and rests against your vulva), so you can feel secure
    without feeling like your pants look bulky under clothing.

    Period pants work in a similar way to pads to absorb your flow. The only difference is that you use pads once and stick them to your underwear. On the other hand, period pants can be worn by themselves and washed so you can reuse them over and overagain! It's all down to yourpersonal preference and what feels good for you and
    your body. You may also choose to mix and wear different types of period
    products depending on your flow that day! You do you.