Using period pants for postpartum and perimenopause

Using period pants for postpartum and perimenopause

Period underwear can do so much more than just deal with your average cycle! They’re perfect to use as maternity period pants after you’ve given birth, or while experiencing irregular flows during perimenopause too.

Our bodies go through so many things in our lifetime. We bleed, we hurt, and our flows come in waves as our cycle repeats. Over time, our cycle changes. We might go through pregnancy and childbirth, and eventually as we approach the menopause, our cycle changes again.

When your flow (and life) becomes unpredictable, intimawear by Bodyform® can support you through it. Here’s more about using period pants after birth or when experiencing perimenopause, to help you continue living fearlessly even with a changing flow. 

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Using reusable period pants postpartum

When you’ve just had a baby, it’s normal to experience after birth discharge, sometimes known as lochia. It can last for up to six weeks after giving birth, and is a combination of fluids – blood, mucus, white blood cells, remnants of placenta and pieces of uterine lining. It tends to start off bloody with larger clots than you’re used to having with your period, before the discharge gradually fades to be lighter, and more white or yellow in colour.

Typically, you are given large hospital maternity pads to wear after giving birth, before switching to extra absorbent Maxi towels, then eventually to normal period products to cope with the discharge. It can be a lot to think about, at a time when you’d much rather be concentrating on looking after the tiny new human you brought into the world or taking time to rest and recover.

Midwives often recommend using disposable underwear to keep your maternity pads in place, to avoid ruining your nice underwear with any accidents. Period pants like our Heavy Hipster for heavy flow offer a sustainable option to cope with your after birth discharge including thicker blood and clots. You can use them to keep your maternity pads in place so there’s no stress about leaks. As your discharge lessens after the first week or so, using intimawear by Bodyform® means no changing products throughout the day and no more rushing out to restock your supply of pads. Just going with the flow as your body recovers. 

intimawear by Bodyform® for when you’re perimenopausal

When you approach the menopause, the time when your periods stop altogether, you might imagine it’s like your body flicking an off switch. But in reality, it’s usually a gradual experience. Perimenopause is the time around the menopause when your body naturally transitions and experiences symptoms as your body stops ovulating and having periods as regularly.

During perimenopause, your periods might be irregular and erratic. Throw everything you thought you knew about your cycle out of the window – one month it might be heavy and full of clots, then light and barely there the next. Your flow might only last a couple of days, or it could last longer than you’ve ever experienced. It might even be months between cycles!

When your body is rewriting the book on everything you thought you knew about your cycle, keeping up with what period products and liners you need to use can be exhausting, especially while you’re dealing with other symptoms like hot flushes and night sweats. One solution is intimawear by Bodyform®, which can give you one less thing to worry about. Our Brazilian period pants are designed for light flow – wear them just like your normal underwear, and know that you’re covered, whatever your flow decides to be that day.

A period pant for every stage of life

There are so many uses for period underwear – like the days when you aren’t sure if you will come on or the days when brown discharge comes out of nowhere. The days when you want to go to yoga and be completely comfortable no matter your flow, and the days when you’ve got so much on your plate that your underwear is the last thing you need to be stressing about – intimawear by Bodyform®  can help, whatever kind of day it is.

If you’d like to keep learning, why not read all about the many other uses of period pants or discover how to take care of and wash intimawear by Bodyform® so it can continue to be a solution for all of your daily flows. 

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