How do I care for my period underwear?

How do I care for my period underwear?

Go with your flow – how can you take care of your intimawear by Bodyform® so it’s ready to be used again and again?

Managing everything including discharge, periods, sweat, after-sex fluids and any other little oops moments, intimawear by Bodyform® does so much more than regular underwear.

Whether you have a designated laundry day, or you wait until the omg do I have any clean underwear panic sets in, here’s how to easily wash and look after your period underwear so they last you through many cycles to come…

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How to wash period underwear

The good news is that washing period underwear doesn’t take much more effort than washing your regular underwear. There’s no need for fancy products, or expensive dry cleaning.

Follow these instructions for the best way to take care of your period underwear to ensure your intimawear by Bodyform® emerges from the wash perfectly clean and ready to be used again…

First things first, rinse

To start the process of removing the flows absorbed by the TRITECH PERFORMANCE layers, rinse the underwear in cold water. Watch as the majority of the blood and other fluids wash down the sink.

You can even use your hands to gently rub the gusset (that’s the bottom of the underwear that lies next to your vulva) to make sure it’s clean.

Next, hand-wash or throw in the washing machine

The next bit is easy – pop your intimawear by Bodyform® in the washing machine at 40 degrees. Avoid fabric softener or bleach, as these can have a negative effect on how efficiently your period underwear works. 

You can wash period underwear on its own, hand-wash with your delicates or with your regular underwear and clothes (so you don’t need to do multiple loads if you don’t want to).

Finally, leave to dry

Hang out your period underwear to dry on a washing line, a clothes airer or a radiator – whatever you fancy!

intimawear by Bodyform® may take longer to dry than your usual underwear, because of the layers of materials used.

And there you have it. Clean, fresh period underwear in three simple steps.

Will washing period underwear really get rid of blood and discharge? 

As long as you’re washing at 40 degrees with detergent, the hot soapy water will easily wash away whatever stain you throw at your intimawear by Bodyform®, guaranteed for a minimum of 50 washes.

Wash, reuse, repeat

There’s no need to dread laundry day when washing your period underwear is as easy as rinse, wash, dry.

Why not read all about how period underwear works or discover how intimawear by Bodyform® has been designed with you in mind.


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