The story of intimawear by Bodyform®

The story of intimawear by Bodyform®

With more than 40 years of experience in intimate care, we understand women+’s needs better than anyone. From the taboos we break to the products we make, at Bodyform®, we strive to give you confidence in your social and intimate life – during, between and beyond periods. Discover our story and find out what inspires us to do what we do, every day.

Here at Bodyform®, we know that our V-Zones (that refers to everything to do with the vagina, vulva, and the V-shaped front of your body) are at the core of our physical, emotional, and social journey.  From the first period to last, through pleasure, pain and beyond.

We believe in enabling you to feel confident to be who you want to be and live fearlessly. From making products that support you through every stage of life, to breaking V-Zone taboos and caring for Mother Earth – social and environmental responsibility lie at the heart of everything we do.

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Read on to learn more about how our passion for innovation in sustainability and intimate care inspires us to create intimawear by Bodyform® and how our brand purpose is reflected in everything we do, make, and say.

The origin of intimawear by Bodyform®: making sustainable period underwear accessible for all

The birth of our period pants didn’t happen overnight. We started from the understanding that vaginas and vulvas are powerful, wonderful parts of the human body and deserve to be celebrated and cared for. At Bodyform®, we know that feeling comfortable and confident goes hand in hand with feeling ‘fearless’ and that nothing in life should hold you back. But between irregular menstrual cycles, hormones, and pain, it’s inevitable sometimes to feel like your body is out of control and working against you.

At the same time, we were actively looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet. Being passionate about creating solutions that are good for you and Mother Earth, the idea for reusable, period-proof underwear was born.

A sustainable alternative to disposable period products, our period pants are washable – so you can reuse them again and again!

intimawear by Bodyform® , look and feel just like your usual pair of underwear. Available in various styles and sizes and different absorbency levels, they’re designed to fit your curves and adapt to your movements. They work in sync with your body and your flows – whether it’s menstrual blood, spotting, discharge, pee, after-sex fluids, sweat, you name it!

The gusset of all intimawear by Bodyform®   (that’s the bottom of the pants that goes between your legs and rests against your vulva) is designed with TRITECH Performance, giving you protection for up to 12 hours!

Our period underwear has your comfort in mind too. So, whether you decide to wear it at home, school, gym, or work – you can rest assured that there will be no slippage, rubbing, or chafing, so you can take on your day with confidence.

intimawear by Bodyform® period pants are built to work with your body, not against it so that you can live fearlessly – regardless of what’s going on in your pants. At the end of the day, we’re all about celebrating your body and your flows as they are – natural and sometimes messy or unpredictable.

Our taboo-breaking purpose

At Bodyform®, we’re continually striving to make the world better for women+ through taboo-busting communications on all things V-Zones. By using creativity, we are continually working to push boundaries to subvert shame and break down stigmas.

We have also launched activities such as Project V – a change-driving initiative to support women+ through all V-Zone experiences across the world. Part of this is our Global V-Taboo Tracker, an ongoing research where we’re listening to voices and experiences from diverse backgrounds, to better understand V-Zone taboos so that we can break them together.

Our promise to the planet

While championing women+’s well-being is our top priority, we’re also passionate about supporting the well-being of our world. That’s why we’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and the environmental impact we have on the planet by making all of our products more sustainable.

From clots and clumps to our eco goals – we’re open, honest, and transparent about everything we do.

Reusable products

Sustainable materials

Less is more

 We are paving the way towards more period-friendly and planet-friendly products. Our reusable period pants produce 88% less waste!*
We're always on the hunt for clever material sourcing that can reduce our impact on the planet.

Less product, less packaging, less waste. We are reducing our carbon footprint by using materials and packaging only where needed.


* Compared to the use of 100 single-use period products together with normal underwear washed 50 times. For further information, see

If you’d like to learn more, why not find out how period pants work and what actions we are taking to make our period pants more sustainable? Or why not explore our full range of intimawear by Bodyform® ?

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