Teenage period pants

Teens live very busy and active lives, all while trying to navigate the constant changes that come with growing up, including periods. Whether it’s your first period or you want the best in period protection, the intimawear by Bodyform® period pants teens range allows teens to live fearlessly whatever their flow. 

Our teens and kids period pants offer the fabric and styles of regular underwear to make the unique experience of your first few periods feel easy, with the absorbency and protection to keep fluids locked in place for ultimate period protection and peace of mind. 


Perfect and easy to use for younger teens

Purchased for my daughter after she started her periods and they are great, she can wear them all day at school and doing PE etc and she doesn't have to stress about lack of comfort or constant changing pads etc


The best pair of period underwear you'll find

Also bought for my pre-teen who started early and didn't get on with pads. After trying a few different brands this is our go to, would and have recommended with confirmation. Very comfortable apparently, and it looks like any pair of knickers.


Bold & confident

Fantastic product bought for my daughter, an early starter at 10 years old! These pants have really helped with her confidence at school, no embarrassing rattling of disposable pads to deal with and these get her all the way through the school day without worry or leaks. Highly recommend.

Paula A

Happy teen

These are the first period pants ever tried by my teenager, and she was very impressed. She said they were very comfortable. She never experienced any leakage and found them very discreet. They washed very easily, she has since asked to buy more.


TriTech Technology for peace of mind

Our TriTech Performance material features three layers:  

  1. A moisture-wicking, cotton-soft top fabric that quickly moves blood and moisture deep into… 
  2. A super absorbent middle layer that holds the fluid in securely. 
  3. An external secure and breathable material enables airflow and dries fast. 

This ground-breaking material eliminates the worries of leaking, with TriTech Performance guaranteed to keep you protected everywhere, from school to sports and sleepovers.

It’s ok to have questions.

With over 40+ years of experience, it’s not our first period. So, let us take a load off your minds. We wanted to create period pants that teenagers will feel comfortable in without compromising on style and absorption power during this important change. We want to bring a sense of normality for teens during their periods, from organic cotton to mimic the feel of regular underwear to fun styles that offer enhanced coverage while still being discreet. Our period underwear for girls and teens have undergone extensive testing and checks, to make sure our products are safe for every teen to use. But don’t just take our word for it, we have an EU Product Safety Award to back it up!  

No hiding period pads up sleeves in lessons, trying to open wrappers quietly in the bathroom or constant checking and changing when out with friends. With complete comfort, security and protection – you’ll be covered for the school day and beyond. 

Our teen period pants are very convenient, especially if you’re looking for your first period pants – simply pop them on in the morning like your regular underwear and carry on with your day. Period underwear can handle whatever flow you throw at them, from discharge to period blood, perfect for teens who may have an irregular cycle for their first few periods. And the best bit about period proof underwear for teens? They are an easy and sustainable alternative to disposables. No forgetting spare products, and no bathroom trips during class to change or adjust period pads.

Our teens range of intimawear by Bodyform® offers protection for moderateand heavy flows. Sometimes, it can take a while for a teen's cycle to become regular, and period pants are the perfect solution for unexpected flows and irregularities, no matter where they come during your menstrual cycle. 

intimawear by Bodyform® is a range of period pants designed for any flow your vagina throws at them. There's no need for any other period products as the built-in absorbent gusset and full coverage styles are there to lock everything in. But of course, they can be paired with disposable products if that makes you feel more comfortable. They're also better for the planet and a more sustainable option for your period - just wear, bleed, wash and repeat for 50+ washes.

We know that teen bodies go through rapid and significant changes as they go through puberty, which can make finding the right size particularly difficult.So, our period pants for girls and teens are available in the exact same sizes as our adult ranges (2XS to 3XL) - so teens aren’tconfined to age-based sizing. Finding your perfect fit for intimawear by Bodyform ®is easy thanks to our handy size guide.