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Product Care

How long will the pants last?

  • We tested intimawear by Bodyform™ and we guarantee the same performance in excess of 50 washes.

Will the pants take a long time to dry?

  • They might take a little longer to dry than your normal pants as there's a few extra layers of fabric. If you're in a rush, pop them in the tumble dryer on a low heat.

Can I wash the pants with regular clothes?

  • Yes, for sure - pop them in with your normal load.

How do I wash the pants?

  • There's a few easy steps to washing your intimawear by Bodyform™. Firstly, rinse them in cold water. Then, pop them in your washing machine at 40 degrees with your usual load (don't use fabric softener or bleach as this can affect the efficiency of the pants). Then simply hang to dry or tumble dry on low. We wouldn't recommend you dry clean them.

Does washing get rid of blood?

  • If you first rinse them in cold water and then pop them in machine at 40 degrees with some detergent (but not fabric softener or bleach), this will wash out the blood and make them ready to go again, when you next need them.

If I tumble dry them, will they still work?

  • They will! Just make sure you use a low heat.


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