Period pants for teens

From the school run in the morning to when the bell goes, feel 100% confident your teen is protected. These pants are all they need, so they can own the classroom, not the bathroom.
No hiding products up sleeves in lessons, trying to open wrappers quietly in the loo or constant checking & changing. With complete comfort, security and protection – they are covered for the school day, or your money back.


    9 products

    9 products

    It’s ok to have questions.

    With over 40+ years’ experience, it’s not our first period! So let us take a load off for you and your teen. Designed with teens in mind, to give them peace of mind. No more stressing about hiding period pads up their sleeve, trying to open
    wrappers quietly in the toilet, checking they haven’t leaked, or stressing about getting to the bathroom to change. Simply pop on a pair of period pants and go!

    These are low maintenance – simply pop them on in the morning like your regular underwear and carry on with your day! They're convenient for teens who may have an irregular cycle. Period underwear can handle whatever flow you throw at them, from discharge to period blood. And the best bit? No forgetting spare products, and no bathroom trips during class to change or adjust their pad.

    Our current range of intimawear by Bodyform® offers protection for light, medium and heavy period flow.

    intimawear by Bodyform® are a range of pants designed for any flows your vagina throws at them. There's no need for any other period products as the built-in absorbent gusset is there to lock everything in, meaning no leaking! They're also better for the planet and a more sustainable option for your period - just bleed, wash and repeat, wear after wear.

    Don't worry! The pants have a specialised wicking and absorbent layer that is treated with an antimicrobial odour control system - which sounds technical but basically means it intercepts any smells, even if it's hot and sweaty.

    Our teen period pants are made of soft and breathable organic cotton, with a moisture-wicking soft top layer that absorbs your blood and moisture in a blink. Meaning no leaking, and no worrying about wetness, and because they’re washable up to 50+ times, you can wear them again and again.

    Our teenage period pants come in two different styles, the Hipster (sitting just below the waist) and the Full Brief (a high-waisted style). They’re available in multipacks and bundles so you can choose from different colours and designs to match any mood you might be feeling. Both designs are available for moderate or heavy flows, so you can stay feeling confident throughout the day, whatever flows come your way. They’re super easy too – just pop them on like your normal underwear and you’re ready to roll. The perfect way to prepare for your first period and all the ones after. Whether you’re in class, playing sports, hanging at home or out and about – no backup needed.