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What are period pants?

  • Period pants look and feel like normal underwear, except you can bleed in them. Trust your pants to deal with whatever flows your vagina throws at them, without any unexpected surprises.

What are the benefits of these pants?

  • intimawear by Bodyform™ is a range of pants designed for any flows your vagina throws at them. There's no need for any other period products as the built-in absorbent gusset is there to lock everything snugly in. They're also better for the planet and a more sustainable option for your period - just bleed, wash and repeat, wear after wear.

How do I choose the right size?

  • intimawear by Bodyform™ are intentionally slightly snugger than your normal pants, to make sure they fit securely to keep everything locked in. Our sizes are based on the global standard for underwear but if you're unsure, we'd recommend you take a look at our size guides to make sure of the measurements (these are on our product pages).

What styles and colours are available?

  • The Hipster and Bikini styles are currently available in black and burgundy.

Do I also need other period products?

  • You don’t need to wear any other period care whilst wearing our period pants if you have a light to medium flow. If you have a very heavy period flow, we’d recommend a thin towel or liner as an additional backup - there's no right or wrong way when it comes to period care, whatever works for you.

Have these products been tested?

  • Yes, of course. We've done several tests to get real people's feedback on the pants, and 9/10 said that the pants absorb as much as their usual towel, and that they didn't have any unexpected accidents whilst wearing them, for an average of 8 hours. (Tested extensively in Mexico, UK, France, Australia and Colombia).

Are there different absorbencies available?

  • At the moment, our pants cater best for light-to-medium periods, as well as those other flows like discharge, after-sex fluids, sweat, spotting that comes your way. If you have a heavier flow, you might want to use a thin towel or liner too - whatever works for you and your flow.

How does the antimicrobial treatment work?

  • Our antimicrobial treatment (our special odour control solution) contains zeolites, silver and copper ions which have antibacterial properties which means they're really good at helping to reduce any odours that are caused by bacteria, as well as limiting the growth of bacteria in the first place.

Will I get an infection if worn for too long?

  • Well, we tested it and we've no concerns about any issues like infections arising from wearing intimawear by Bodyform™ for more than 8 hours, no matter the temperature or climate. The underwear has a breathable layer that allows the skin to breathe throughout the day, whatever you're up to.

Will you be able to see if I am wearing them?

  • No, it's just like wearing normal underwear.

How much blood do the pants absorb?

  • The pants can absorb the same amount as one Bodyform ultra-towel.

What are they made of?

  • Our pants are made of a blend of body fabric (a technical way of saying fabrics that have first contact with the skin and will move and stretch with your body), lace and elastic (style dependent). Our Bikini style as has a simple elastic waistband, whereas our Hipster has a lace waistband, if that's more your thing.

How does the absorbent gusset work?

  • The absorbent gusset uses what we call TriTech performance. Comprised of three layers: wicking, absorbent and breathable. The wicking layer is made of modern technical fabrics which draw moisture away from the body - similar to sportswear. These fabrics are made from high-tech polyester which, unlike cotton, quickly transport fluids into the absorption layer to feel as dry as possible on the surface. The absorbent layer holds the fluid and is treated with a special antibacterial solution which helps to reduce odour, too. Additionally, the gusset is sealed around the edges, so you can trust it to keep your fluids in.

Does the gusset differ from style to style?

  • At the moment, the length of the gusset is the same for all sizes.

How long can I wear the pants for?

  • Over an average use of 12 hours, consumer tests (in France, UK, Colombia) showed that 90% of women did not have any unexpected accidents. Depending on your period flow, this can be up to 12 hours.

What can the pants be used for?

  • Whatever your vagina throws at them - blood, discharge, after-sex flows, the in-between, the was-that-sweat? Finally we have pants that are designed for our physiology. So pop them on, let your body flow and let your pants do the rest.

Will the pants smell after use?

  • Don't worry! The pants have a specialised wicking and absorbent layer that is treated with an antimicrobial odour control system - which sounds technical but basically means it intercepts any smells, even if it's hot and sweaty.

Are pants more sustainable than towels?

  • Climate change is something we take seriously, and we know that what consumers want and need is changing along with that. Our washable pants offer a sustainable choice of period care that has 68% less impact on the environment** - just wash and rewear, again and again. intimawear by Bodyform™ reduces the carbon footprint to approximately one third that of a disposable towel and 88% less waste is produced, versus using a pair of underwear and two Ultra Towels (compared to 1 Bodyform Ultra Normal, 1 Bodyform Ultra Night and a panty made out of 50% cotton / 50% nylon).

How long will the pants last for?

  • From our accelerated age testing, we've seen that there's no impact on the effectiveness of the pants over time. The results of the testing that we do are equivalent to three years of shelf life, and the pants still perform as well as brand new products. So you can trust them to last you for at least fifty washes.

What is different vs TENA Washable Underwear?

  • The intimawear by Bodyform™ underwear range has been designed with periods in mind. They’re ready for all your flows; for the endless spotting, the clots and the clumps, the sort-of-discharge, sort-of-blood, the is-this-period-over-or-what, and everything in between. Thanks to Tritech Performance, intimawear™ by Bodyform allows you to go liner, towel, tampon or cup free during your menstrual cycle, whatever you're up to. TENA Silhouette Washable Absorbent Underwear are designed for women with light incontinence and the product quickly absorbs liquid - like small urine leaks. The pants are made with high-quality fabrics and delicate laces, with built-in Triple Protection against leaks, odour and moisture for light bladder weakness – so you can dress how you like, and feel confident at all times.


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