Bikini Basic Heavy
Bikini Basic Heavy
Bikini Basic Heavy
Bikini Basic Heavy
Bikini Basic Heavy
Bikini Basic Heavy
Bikini Basic Heavy
Bikini Basic Heavy
Bikini Basic Heavy
Period Pants

Bikini Basic Heavy

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Our absorbency levels

The stoppy-starty flow you might experience around the beginning or end of your period, spotting and discharge. Where you change your pad only once a day, or could make do with just a liner.

Your regular steady mid-period flow, with a few clots and occasional gushes. When you might change your pad every 4 hours or so, or up to 3 times per day.

Your thickest, deepest flow, clots and all. Highs and lows of abundant flow, with some gushes. The times when you find yourself changing your pad up to 6 times a day.


Your size out of stock? Don’t fret, click on your size to see similar products!


Your size out of stock? Don’t fret, click on your size to see similar products!

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Check out now and donate a pair of period pants to women+ in need through our Buy One, Give One initiative with In Kind Direct (T&C’s apply). Simply add period pants to your basket and we’ll do the rest.

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Product Size Dress Size (UK) Hips (cm) Hips (in)
2XS 4 80-85 32-34
XS 6 86-91 34-36
S 8 92-97 36-38
M 10-12 98-103 38-40
L 14-16 104-10940-42
XL 18-20 110-11542-44
2XL 20 116-12144-46
3XL 22 122-12746-48

How to get the right size

To find the right size, please measure your hip circumference as shown in the picture and choose your size from the table below. We recommend one size larger if you are between sizes.

Use it.

Comfortable for up to 12 hours, they fit just like your normal underwear, keeping you safe and cool.

Wash it.

Rinse off excess blood in cold water then wash in the same way as your regular underwear. Just avoid bleach and fabric softener.

Trust it.

Guaranteed safe from chemicals, and toxins.

REUSABLE intimawear by Bodyform™ period pants hold your blood better than your pad, providing protection for up to 12 hours - styled with a classic and fashionable bikini cut
ABSORBENT – TriTech Performance technology combines special layers that are integrated in the undies - this bikini model is for heavier days, when you would need to change your pad or tampon up to 6 times
COMFORTABLE – just like with your regular underwear, you'll have a dry feeling and be comfortable throughout your day, so you can live fearless doing whatever you want to do
EARTH-FRIENDLY – you’ll only use 1 pair of intimawear by Bodyform™ period underwear instead of dozens of pads and tampons, which means less waste, making them truly sustainable
DURABLE – cleaning them is very simple, and you can wash these bikini period knickers more than 50 times without their performance, softness or flawless shape being affected

intimawear by Bodyform™ period pants are made out of a superlight and comfortable material that dries quickly and enables airflow. They’re also washable and reusable - so they’re good for both your body and the planet. And, with their snug fit and softness, they feel just like your regular underwear. Pop them on and let your body flow.

· Replaces 100 towels
· 82% less waste*
· Produced under fair working conditions

*compared to disposable products over 2 years

Body/Waist: 76% Polyamide - Recycled, 24% Elastane
Gusset lining: 75% Polyamide, 25% Elastane
Gusset inner: 84% Polyester, 16% Elastane / 100% Polyester/ 87% Polyester, 13% Polyamide.

Contains antimicrobial substance, silver copper zeolite

OEKO-TEX® Confidence in textile standard 100 / 12.HSL.0958 HOHENSTEIN HTTI

intimawear by Bodyform™ has developed TriTech Performance technology which combines special layers integrated right into your period undies:

- the mesh soft-touch top quickly wicks blood to the core, keeping the pants dry and comfortably fresh next to your skin
- an additional, superior absorption layer locks blood in
- a second absorpion layer holds fluid securely for up to 12 hours
- the breathable barrier prevents blood from leaking onto your clothes

How to wash my intimawear by Bodyform™?

To wash your intimawear by Bodyform™ just follow these simple steps, or learn more about how to take care of your period pants.

Use it
Comfortable for up to 12 hours, they fit just like your other underwear, keeping you safe and cool.

Wash it
Rinse off excess blood in cold water then wash it the same way as your regular underwear. Just avoid bleach or fabric softener.

Dry it
Just hang up your pants and wait for them to be completely dry.

Use it again
Re-use your period pants as many times as you want. Bleed, wash, repeat. It's as simple as that.

- Up to 12 hours of protection
- Comfortable as regular underwear
- Especially for your heaviest days
- 82% less waste reduction
- Allowing you not to feel wet/moist
- Absorbs as much as your usual towel
- TriTech Performance

• Free standard delivery to mainland UK addresses
• Delivery in 3 to 4 working days
• Express delivery costs £5.90

Period underwear with performance.

So get out there and be yourself, knowing our high-performance reusable period underwear with a snug, but comfy fit, keeps wetness at bay all day.

Absorbent Feel Fresh Layer

Our moisture-wicking soft top layer absorbs your blood and moisture in a blink. Meaning no leaking, no worrying wetness.

Up to 12 hour reliable protection Lock Layer

A super-absorbent antimicrobial treated middle layer holds your flow and odour securely for up to 12 hours.

High performance Breathable Layer

Our leak-proof and breathable material lets skin breathe naturally and prevents leakage - for all the security and airiness you love.

It’s ok to have questions.

Period pants look and feel like normal underwear, except you can bleed in them. Trust your pants to deal with whatever flows your vagina throws at them, without any unexpected surprises.

Over an average use of 12 hours, consumer tests (in France, UK & Colombia) showed that 90% of women did not have any unexpected accidents. Depending on your period flow, this can be up to 12 hours.

Our current range of intimawear by Bodyform™ offers protection for light, medium and heavy period flow.

intimawear by Bodyform™ are a range of pants designed for any flows your vagina throws at them. There's no need for any other period products as the built-in absorbent gusset is there to lock everything snugly in. They're also better for the planet and a more sustainable option for your period - just bleed, wash and repeat, wear after wear.

Don't worry! The pants have a specialised wicking and absorbent layer that is treated with an antimicrobial odour control system - which sounds technical but basically means it intercepts any smells, even if it's hot and sweaty.

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